FAQ: Employers

It is quick and easily to register with JobDroid! Click here to create a new employer profile and instantly find suitable and skill verified jobseekers on JobDroid.
Search matched candidates will be shown based upon your search criteria and ranked according to our own Skill Scoring System which prioritises candidates that include selfie videos and verify their work skills with past employers to ensure you are shown relevant and credible candidates.
Our Skill Rating System is an algorithm that rates candidates based on the quality of their skills and experience. Candidates with verified skills are rated higher than candidates without verified skills, meaning you find better people faster.
You can add a skill at any time - simply follow the prompts on screen. Our candidates often have the relevant skills however may not have specified all of their capabilities. By adding this skill candidates will be able to identify what is important to you as a future employer.
As with the skills listed online, we offer recruitment across any industry. As such there may be skills that we have not on the list - email us and we will add it for you.
Your feedback is 100% anonymous. We value your honest opinions so have designed the system in a way that gives you anonymity.
Depending on your requirements and our candidates’ availability, you can find and hire a job-ready candidate within minutes.
It is completely free to contact a candidate and ask questions regarding their availability and capability. Our business model is a ‘pay on success model’.
With our pay on success model you only pay once you are ready to video interview a candidate and confirm their placement. You are free to contact the candidate prior to this and ask as many questions as you like for free!
We offer a secure credit card payment facility and Stripe Payment facility.
With JobDroid’s pay on success system you only pay to hire the candidate once you are 100% certain that they are the right person for you. Ask the candidate as many questions as you like before confirming and paying to hire them and add them to your candidate pool.
With our Direct Hire system you hire a job seeker directly without using an employment agency. The job seeker is employed by you and will be paid directly by you for the hours they work. Once you have hired a jobseeker directly on Jobdroid, that person is added to your candidate list, which means that you can contact and hire them when you want.

With labour hire we take care of the admin and paperwork, leaving you and your team to get on with the job. With the labour hire system your hired help simply turns up when and where you need them, and we take care of the payroll requirements.
You can definitely add candidates to your favourites list, making them easy to find later. Simply select the ‘shortlist’ button on their profile to add them to your ‘favourites’ list. This person will now be found on your employer home page and make notes on about candidate. These notes will then be shared within your company. For example, you might make a list of candidates that are suitable for day night shift only, and keep that information visible for other hiring managers in the team.
Some candidates have nominated to only work with labour hire agencies. In this case you don’t have too worry about the paperwork and admin of hiring them, simply contact their preferred agency and let them do the rest.
Some candidates have chosen to keep their details private until they have been contacted directly. You can still see their qualifications just not their personal details.
Yes you can – and there are no extra charges. Simply let the candidate know that this is what you want is the rest is between you and them!
Permanently - hired candidates will remain within the ‘my account’ section of your account and can be contacted for free forever, which means that if you are happy with them you can hire them back for no extra charge.
As JobDroid is a ratings based system we ask that you leave honest feedback about your experience with the candidate so that other employers can make an informed decision before hiring them.
If you are not happy with your chosen candidate please adjust the feedback on the website, which will affect his ratings. Jobdroid is a transparent system and inform future employers of your experience.
Our search engine will help you find the right person – you can filter based upon availability, skills or even the time that they were last online!
1800DRIVERS is one of our Recruitment Partners that are happy to work as an employment agency if you don’t want to or don’t have time to take care of the paperwork involved in hiring a new candidate direct.
You can change your password by visiting ‘My Details’ under your ‘My Account’ page. You can change your password under ‘Reset My Password’ section.
You can reset your password by clicking the ‘Forgot Password?’ link on the login page.
You can add or update your credit card details on file by visiting ‘Card Management’ under your ‘My Account’ page.
We don’t just ask if they can do something – our algorithm checks how often they do it and how keen they are to do perform that skill again so that you only view suitable candidates.
Your chat history will remain in the ‘My Account’ section of the Employer portal until you decide to delete it.
Yes, your account can have multiple branches and sites, and each have their own settings and permission levels, so that your head office remains in control of what it needs to.